While the quality of your dental care will not change, we have taken a number of precautions above and beyond our current standards to ensure that your appointment is as safe as possible.

Within this new COVID era, similar to other businesses, you will see that our procedures and protocols as well as our physical practice has changed to create an experience that is dissimilar to what you have experienced in the past with us

What to expect at your visit?

Please review the following key points so that we can manage your expectations when coming into the office.

Prior to your appointment

  • We will be screening patients for potential COVID risk the day prior to your appointment using a Public Health Screening tool.  This will require a call with reception, and if this is not completed, we will need to cancel your appointment
  • Please see the screening questionnaire here:

Coming to your appointment

  • It is mandatory that you wear your own mask when entering the Dental Practice
  • Initially when entering the practice, you will be required to sanitize your hands
  • You will be rescreened, and your temperature will be checked with a contactless infrared thermometer
  • Unless you are supporting a minor or someone else who requires assistance, only the patient will be allowed into the office.

The Clinical Setting

  • All appointments will be staggered to avoid multiple patients in the waiting room at the same time
  • All operatories have moved from open concept to closed-in separate rooms
  • These rooms are equipped with high volume, medical grade air filtration systems to clean the air of water droplets that could be generated by drilling
  • All clinical staff will be covered in full PPE including mask, shield, gloves, and gowns.
  • All staff will be screened for potential COVID infection using a Public Health Screening tool and measuring their temperature
  • Gaps between patients’ appointments will be kept to provide additional cleaning, and air filtration time

We have been preparing for months to ensure an office that will allow us to maintain our high dental treatment standards while significantly minimizing the risk to either patients or staff contracting COVID.