Cosmetic Dentist Toronto

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto

If you are looking to correct your smile or if you recently got injured and a tooth is broken or missing, you may be thinking about cosmetic dentistry to help. Working with the right cosmetic dentist in Toronto will make all the difference, so you need to take the time to choose wisely. 

What Are The Different Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

You may be amazed at how many different types of cosmetic dentistry that there are today. Patients can see a cosmetic dentist for procedures such as dental veneers, inlays or onlays, composite bonding, tooth whitening, and dental implants. No matter which of these procedures you might be interested in, it is always essential that you find the right dental professional who specializes in the method if you want to ensure you get the best result. The good news for patients is that most cosmetic dentists will have plenty of experience in all of these areas that are listed. 

How Do You Find A Good Cosmetic Dentist In Toronto? 

Selecting the right cosmetic dentist is a critical element if you want to get the best results. You have a bit of homework to take care of, including asking around to try to get referrals from people that you trust. You should also do a bit of investigating to take a look at their work to ensure that other patients are getting the results they need. Many cosmetic dentists will be more than happy to show off before and after pictures, but try to make sure that you are not merely looking at stock photos that can simply be taken from a variety of sources online. Trusted cosmetic dentists will have before and after pictures that were taken right in their offices.

Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry? 

You will need to make sure that you get information directly from your dental insurance provider as to whether or not your cosmetic dental procedure(s) will be covered. Many insurance companies will consider this form of dentistry to be elective, while some will make special allowances for patients who need a procedure done that is also deemed to be medically necessary. Some reasons coverage is approved may include: 

  • Medically necessary because of accident, injury, disease or decay
  • Procedures that are used for purposes other than aesthetics, such as replacing missing teeth or to help with the mechanics of the bite of the patient

How Painful Is It To Get Dental Implants? 

Depending on the location of your implants, how many you are getting done, and the initial condition of your mouth, you may be able to get back to your regular activities as little as the next day. For the most part, patients will note having a bit of discomfort throughout the healing period, but they are able to manage just fine. You need to remember that each patient will often have a different reaction from the experience of seeing a cosmetic dentist in Toronto for dental implants. 

At Art of Smile Dentistry, we have the cosmetic dental procedures that you are looking for. We encourage you to set up a time for a consultation so that you can talk about your dream smile with a cosmetic dentist in Toronto. We can have you in for an appointment at your earliest convenient time.

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto
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